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Hairysquid Ltd.

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Our Approach

We leverage the "JAM" (Javascript/APIs/Markup) stack to create scalable, cost-effective web presences. This means:

  • Serverless backends deliver workloads to users on an as-needed basis, meaning you don't pay for unused server resources.
  • Static file hosting means your content is available via an expansive edge network, meaning users are delivered content from the nearest geographic endpoint.

We primarily use Vercel® Next™️ to build our experiences and Sanity CMS for content management.

Who We Are

Ændra Rininsland

senior architect

Ændra has been developing websites since the nineties and has a very solid overview of the current web technology landscape. In addition to the work Ændra does with hairysquid, Ændra is a senior developer with the Visual Journalism team at the Financial Times.

Kinga Janicka


Kinga has experience building websites in React. Check out their chonky.cat project for a never-ending stream of cat photos.


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